Coconut Flooring Installation

Installing coconut flooring can be a fun project if you have the appropriate tools, materials, knowledge and skills for the coconut floor type you want to install. The degree of difficulty depends on the size of the place, the type of the initial flooring that will be replaced, and the quality of the coconut flooring you’ll install.

Of course, we do not encourage this if you are not well adept in handling such installation. It will save you the time, effort, and even money if you just leave this to the professionals given such case. Professional service like Coconut Flooring is the top provider on your list.

Excited to install your coconut flooring?

If you are worried that you won’t make it right, then let us assist you. We’ll let you be part of the process while at the same time, maneuvering you at the right track.

Embarrassed for seeking help for your DIY coconut flooring installation? Don’t be. Take note that, even for experienced DIY enthusiasts, nail /staple down and glue down installations can be challenging. There are many considerations that would impact on the look of your finish product.

For DIY enthusiasts who choose to install the coconut flooring themselves, we recommend you to only order the materials on licensed and legit stores. By doing this, you are confident that you are only using legitimate materials in your installation process. Legit stores include the material source, brands, and quality on their inventory which allows you to have warranty in case the coconut flooring you bought is not at par with the standards the manufacturers maintain.

But to save you the trouble of going through this hassle, you can choose to contact Coconut Flooring to do the dirty works for you. For more questions on the DIY coconut flooring installation, you can email us at